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for 2027



Reflecting on social, educational and developmental trends for the next decade, we are creating an Educational Programme focused on the following themes: you, you and other people, you and the world. On those pillars we will build a valuable and attractive programme that will respond to both, the needs of the world, and our young people. We want to give to the Scouts space to be sparks and to act bravely. We want to actively involve them in co-creating the Jamboree programme 


Our Jamboree will empower young people to change their local community by developing themselves – in the end, change starts with each of us. 

Jamboree Participants will experience an excellent Scouting programme, faithful to the the Purpose, the Principles and the Scout Method, and adapted to the needs and aspirations of young people in today and our future’s world. 

Celebrating 120 years of Scouting

An important part of the programme will be the Friendship Day (international exchange) on 1 August 2027 centred on the celebration of the 120th Anniversary of Scouting. This day will give us an opportunity to celebrate our rich history together and show Scouts that they are part of a big brave international community.


The programme we have drawn for the 26th World Scout Jamboree will be a source of energy, new ideas and motivation to take action. It will also be a platform for exchanging ideas and experience, as well as an opportunity to make new friends, to learn about other cultures and to grow together, as individuals, as a generation, as a Movement.

Group 16

From discovering environmental challenges and their social implications, through confirming our commitment to peace among the nations, the unity of the Scout Movement and common responsibility for people and Earth in the spirit of solidarity, to the understanding of the diversity of the world and finding self-balance. We want to create our programme in a way that will be inspiring for its participants and will encourage them to get to know themselves better. Not forgetting the fun and joy of adventurous out-doors activities.

The key programme modules, along with the other activities are based on the Scout Method

and becomes a part of the vision of Scouting aimed at bolstering the in-depth and conscious social impact.

life balance

Opportunity to discover what one is good at, what are their strengths and weaknesses, predispositions and potential within different areas of science and arts. Inspiring workshops aimed to encourage discovering different passions and to find out more about various professions: on the one hand, learning practical skills (artistic handicrafts, craft), on the other – soft skills (management, planning) organized in co-operation with experts, academic hubs, educational entities teaching specific trades and crafts, etc.


Overcoming your weaknesses, strengthening self-confidence and offering an opportunity to embrace adventure by encouraging the Participants to face physical challenges.

Water sports and aquatic activities hosted by a marina (water biking, canoeing and other water sport disciplines), games and sports activities at the spectacular, sandy beaches of Wyspa Sobieszewska, additional challenges and unusual sport disciplines.


Social and intellectual development: Focusing on global problems and suggested solutions (Global Development Village programme).

Activities focusing on global issues (such as the environment, social inequality, poverty, economics, peace etc.) to be organized in partnership with other NGOs, CSR departments of blue-chip companies and, naturally, Scouts from around the world.

Activities on modern technologies, using renewable sources, exploring mechanisms of economics, reasonable economy and entrepreneurship (how to manage resources sensibly, start your own business and enhance entrepreneurship with short games, practical activities, workshops, role-plays and case studies).



Spiritual growth and intellectual development: Building cultural and religious diversity awareness and respect towards the others in order to embrace differences. Activities that aim at discovering culture (language, traditions, regional costumes, cuisine etc.), beliefs and religions from around the world. Expanded with the additional offer of workshops on ethics and tolerance, and the issues of ecumenical co-existence. 

Service and Camp-In-Camp

Exploring the northern area of Poland. A chance to present our region but also to let the Participants actively discover the amazing heritage of Pomerania along with the history and cultural dimensions common for Young Europe (Central and Eastern Europe/ Eurasia). 

Identifying the needs where support is welcome and getting involved in community service. Participants are going to learn about the socio-economic situation of the particular area and carry out community service within the framework of three key areas inspired by the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: People (supporting the elderly, children, the disadvantaged), the Planet (supporting the environment, wildlife and culture), Peace (social actions, campaigns). 

Group 16


Finding out about the history and cultural heritage of both Gdansk and Poland, promotion of the host city proper.

Discovering Gdansk as the city of freedom, its multidimensional and multicultural heritage, activating tasks to be accomplished during city games prepared by the local community’ Scouts and volunteers.

A dozen or more parallel theme routes showing a different perspective of the city thanks to the involvement of local Scouts. 


Other activities and safety provisions

The framework of other activities will be complemented with an involving programme of Plaza, and so-called World Scout Centre in particular, to be created jointly with the contingents representing different countries. Moreover, a Slavic village displaying common traditions and customs for Central Europe and Eurasia, ecological village, diversity of the programme offer of Hubs and Subcamps encouraging inner thoughts and integration, and more.